About us

Our Mission

FM Sports provides a comfortable arena for conditioning men & women who are working on their own personal fitness goals. FM’s trainers work hard to help all our clients, now ranging from 9 to 94 years young, in their commitment to living healthier lives through fitness, nutrition & energy. The care and passion of our trainers is evident in the results of their clients.


FM Sports is also a place where young developing athletes, serious competitors or people working on personal fitness can come to produce the results they want. Our staff works as a team to help our clients along the way. Our multifaceted workout facility is designed for the high-level performing athlete, sports teams to build and work together, or the individual person working towards personal fitness goals. The environment is positive, friendly and honest. We pride ourselves in providing the environment and the instruction for each individual or team to meet their goals. We are about quality and character, not volume.


What People Are Saying About FM Sports

“The facility is stacked. The workouts are great.” – 16U player

“We find that FM Sports has an unmatched respect for its players and its parent patrons. You don’t see bullying nor negative reinforcement which creates conflict or antagonism between players, and among coaches, and takes the enjoyment out of the process for many young men.” – 16U parent

“There seems to be an across the board understanding of the various age groups and appreciation and respect for where the financing originates.” – 15U parent

“It’s like family. They are all nice kids that you want to see succeed. I think the parents had as much fun as the players did this year.” – 14U parent